Box, Simply: The Box Project. Since 2005 I have investigated materials reuse through the design and construction of several thousand of these functional boxes. This is a sample of 100 of these boxes. The reclaimed materials used to construct these boxes have been collected from over 45 historic homes and properties, abandoned furniture, lumber, hardware and metal from Virginia, North Carolina, California and Ohio. These reclaimed materials represent in excess of 2 tons (roughly 5000 lbs) of debris once destined for landfills in these states. With each piece, I have documented the origination of all of the materials contained within them. For me this has been a way of preserving the past, the history of these homes and objects and by re-contextualizing them in "present" helps us understand the continuity of time despite the forced separation of phases of history. Each box is an anthropological, sociological, environmental and artistic study of what we value and what we dispose of as individuals within our communities over time, and how repurposing materials into new functional things impacts our living spaces, our lives and ultimately the environment.

The Box Project
nicole bauguss The Box Project